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In 1985, India had approximately about 150,000 polio case and experts always said that the world can only be polio-free if India can do so. 26 year later, Rukhsar Khatoon, 18 months old, was the last person in India who was infected by the polio virus. Since the infection of Rukhsar India remains polio free –a milestone regarding the worldwide fight against poliomyelitis. After the eradication of the smallpox it will be the second time in the history of human beings that a virus will disappear from the world.

In 1988, the virus were circulating in 125 countries, now its only in two more countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan who are desperately trying to eradicate polio out of their country. But the WHO “Polio Endgame Strategic Plan” points out 2018 as the year to eradicate the virus from the world. Though India is polio-free but for those who already have the disease don’t always know that surgery is available. Dr Mathew Varghese, an orthopedic surgeon provides reconstructive surgery to the patients who have polio, he runs India's only polio ward, at the St. Stephen’s Hospital in New Delhi.

The world is on the verge to eradicate polio and it is a triumph of the United Nations, a story of a little girl and the man who works tirelessly to make sure his patients walk.
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