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An estimated number of 500,000 women process cashews for a living in Tamil Nadu and Kerela. 2 million people are employed by cashew industry across India making it the world's biggest exporter of shelled cashews.

The working conditions in these processing units are way below industry standards and violates the basic rights. Wages are as low as Rs. 50 (US $1) per day. The problems for these women is not restricted to low wages. Many women are being injured by their jobs as the factory owners cut corners with health and safety. Oil released during the cashew shelling process is highly caustic, leading to common cases of dermatitis, blistering and discolouration of workers' skin. Women working in these units suffer from pains in their leg muscles, backs and knee joints after squatting positions on mud or concrete floors. It is very rare to find tables and chairs provided on shelling duty.

Cashew workers' main concern is to increase their earnings and provide better working conditions.
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