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India is the 4th largest economy and the second most populous country in the world with its economy growing at 9% a year. Inspite of the development rate, more than a quarter of 1.1 billion Indians live on less than a dollar a day.

Bombay (now known as Mumbai) is India's financial capital and is home to 19 million people. Bombay is also the home of the major corporate giants and is often called the New York of the east. Major Indian conglomerated like Tata, Reliance, Birla and many others have become household names, and are buying out other companies elsewhere in the global arena.

People from around the country flock to Bombay, with dreams of a better life. Bombay is also the most expensive city in India when it comes to real estate. With an influx of people rushing in to Bombay, it is projected to be the most populous metropolis by 2015, after Tokyo.

As a vendor once told me, ..."money, they say flies in Bombay, some grab it, other keep watching".
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