Nodir Dharey

Nodir Dharey is a Bangla term for Along the River. This project is about a river called Tsangpo in Tibet which is renamed as called Brahmaputra in India, and the Jamuna and Meghna in Bangladesh. This is one of the major rivers in Asia and is one of the few trans-boundaries rivers originating from Tibet and meandering through India, flowing through Bangladesh and finally emptying out into the Bay of Bengal.

This isn’t an issue based project. I am not looking at environmental damage caused by the river, it isn’t about the dams, or the erosions, nor am I making a statement around the politics of water. In this ongoing project, I am travelling the length of the river and attempting to understand the cultures that thrived, communities that grew and aspirations that led people to stay along the river (or sometimes leave).

Here’s the first part of this on-going series.


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